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Certain pages within this web site are currently under construction as designated by this symbol.  We apologize for any inconvenience while we redesign and reorganize our web site.  Please check back in often as new information is being provided for our community, while providing homeowner's and visitor's a better means of communication of information associated with Bruton Glen Homeowner's Association.

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Board of Director's


    This page is associated with the "Association's Rules & Regulations" and is directed towards the business practices of the Association and its Board of Director's, providing them a means of addressing and resolving certain issues relating to the Association's governing documents in a standard forum.  In order to maintain such business practices, board members need to understand these policies and procedures and follow them as prescribed in the Association's governing documents.

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      Association's Rules & Regulations

    Table of Contents

  •     Page #1:  Purpose, Policy, & Procedures
  •     Page #2:  Enforcement
  •     Page #3:  Notification of Violation(s)
  •     Page #4:  Rental  Property Clarification/Notification
  •  Appendix Pages:
  •  Reference � Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
  •  Article VI � Property Restrictions & Regulations
  •  Article VI, Section 6 � Fences
  •  Article VI, Section 9 � Signs
  •  Article VI, Section 16 � Maintenance & Repair of Lots & Property
  •  Article VI, Section 10 � Trash/Recyclable Receptacles
  •  Article VI, Section 11.1 � Fuel Storage Tanks (Propane, LP Gas, Etc.)
  •  Article VI, Section 11.2 � Satellite Dishes & Antenna's
  •  Article VI, Section 11.3 � Heating/Air Conditioning Equipment
  •  Article VI, Section 12 � Public & Common Area Restrictions
  •  Article VI, Section 13 � Vehicle Parking

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