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Certain pages within this web site are currently under construction as designated by this symbol.  We apologize for any inconvenience while we redesign and reorganize our web site.  Please check back in often as new information is being provided for our community, while providing homeowner's and visitor's a better means of communication of information associated with Bruton Glen Homeowner's Association.

Thank You!
Board of Director's


   "Community Projects" are a large part of the Association's interaction with the development and enhancement of Bruton Glen's growth and progression.  Here on this page, Homeowner's and/or visitor's can review the various community projects that have transitioned throughout the current year.  Also provided for review is the "Capital Improvements Report", outlining the various projects that have transpired throughout the inception of the community and Association's Board of Director's.


Current & Recent Community Projects:

Community Message Boards

These message boards have been
provided to help communicate with
homeowner's of Bruton Glen and
theirs visitors as they walk throughout
the community park, providing them
information associated with the amenities and events, both current and forthcoming.  New community park signs have also been installed, Welcoming resident's and visitor's to Bruton Glen Park.  These signs are
replacements of the previously damaged signs.


Park Lighting (Additional Illumination)

Recently, there has been an additional light installed at the park, near the playground equipment.  This lighting project provides the additional lighting needed to completely illuminate the park, making it a safer and more inviting atmosphere.  Installation was provided by Dominion Virginia Power.


Security Lighting (Additional Illumination)

In an effort to improve security and safety throughout the park for homeowner's and visitor's alike, a motion detector light has been installed.  This light is intended to pick-up any kind of unwanted activity, lighting the entire area of the picnic tables.  Additional electrical wiring had to be provided in order to allow for this lighting project to be completed.




BMP Storm Drainage (Pending Repairs)

Currently, this storm drain has been damaged throughout the years of normal aging and is in need of immediate repairs.  The damage is a result of improper drainage and erosion that has taken place over the last decade.  The BOD's is currently working with the County of York and a local contractor to find a cost effective solution in order to make the necessary repairs and comply with Federal, State and County regulations.



In an effort to rectify the problem, it's going to take time and funding from all homeowner's living in Bruton Glen.  This means that the board will be required to establish a special assessment, allowing funds to be collected over a period of time in order to fund the project.

As much as we'd like not to implement such assessments, the board is left with no other alternative.  As we work towards resolving this matter, remember that this is our community and it's up to us to maintain it esthetics.

"Capital Improvements Report" (Development of Bruton Glen)            "James River Grounds Management" (Landscape Contractor for Bruton Glen)