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Certain pages within this web site are currently under construction as designated by this symbol.  We apologize for any inconvenience while we redesign and reorganize our web site.  Please check back in often as new information is being provided for our community, while providing homeowner's and visitor's a better means of communication of information associated with Bruton Glen Homeowner's Association.

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Board of Director's


    This page is allocated towards the "Nominations Only" of Bruton Glen's Board of Director's.  In order to preserve the freedoms of allowing Homeowner's a voice in deciding whom will manage the operations of our community and its Association.  Board members are nominated and elected by the body of the community.  All board members are hereby elected volunteers in their community and receive no monetary compensation for their services.  These elected officials are all property owner's within their community with a vested interest, just like those homeowners in the community itself.  Their primary goal, is to work towards maintaining the value and esthetics of our community.

  •  Access Electronic Voting & Register Today By Clicking On The Link Provided!
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VOTEHOANOW      Homeowner's, please be advised that all Homeowner's will be required to register with the site administration, establishing their personal log-in credentials, prior to proceeding with the electronic voting process.  Once homeowner's have completed the registration process, they'll be able to access the VOTE�HOA�NOW web site, submitting electoral votes electronically during electoral periods.  Notification(s) of any electoral procedures will be automatically submitted via e-mail to all registered users.  Please click on the link provided above, opening the VOTE�HOA�NOW web site, in order to proceed with the registration process.  Nominations may be made by completing the nominations form below.  

Nominations Form:    (Board of Director's Nominations period is open during the months of October & November only.)

  •  Make your nominations today for the selected Board of Director positions currently up for election during this calendar year.

Current BOD's Positions Up For Election: President, Secretary & Member At Large

Current Board Member's:    Ron Quesenberry, President    Lori Powell, Secretary    Erik Trembley, Member at Large
    (If you choose to nominate the current board member, simply check the appropriate box next to their name.)

Select Another Nominee:    Please select the Board Member's position for your nomination and enter the nominee's information below.  After making your nominations, please submit your nominations by clicking on the submit button below.


First Name:      Last Name:     

Telephone:      E-Mail:  


First Name:      Last Name:     

Telephone:      E-Mail:  

Member at Large:

First Name:      Last Name:     

Telephone:      E-Mail:  


  •  After submitting your nominations for the selected Board of Director's positions currently up for election or re-election, you'll receive a
     confirmation notification.  Once these nominations have been made, the election process will follow during the month of December.
     The results of the elections will be posted on the web site immediately after closing the electoral process.

                                               Send E-Mail To; BrutonGlenHOA@cox.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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